The Shadowrealm

Realm of the Forgotten

The World’s shadow is long and cold, cast beyond generations and worldly space, moving out into the cold, unknown depths of the Universe. It is said that great sorrow and death befall any creature who finds itself within the darkened confines of the World’s shadow, moving beyond our own world and into the distant and dangerous world known to most as the Shadowrealms.

The Shadowrealm is an eternal place of lost cities and a world now abandoned by life, home only to the darkened shades of what once was. Old and fallen empires remain in the realm, though not as they did in life – as thriving places of life and vitality – but instead survive as terrible reflections of what the once were, now smoldering in decay, homes only to phantoms and forgotten memories, for the rest of time.

Numerous dark beings make the Realms home, and many foul folk stalk through the shadows the dark metropolises. The Queen of Shades calls the Shadowrealms her home, and most of her most powerful allies and servants survive here.

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The Shadowrealm

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