The Earthgods

When the Elder Gods breathed their divinity into the world, they fused their power with the soil and winds, with the seas and the mountains. It was from this fusion that the Gods of the Earth were born. In the beginning, the Elder Gods also gave smaller pieces of divinity as they made the dragons, the giants and the like, but the Earthgods remained their most powerful creations.

For millennia no one worshiped the Earthgods as divine powers. The Old Races refused to revere being so low on the divine hierarchy, seeing the Earthgods as half-deities with natures barely more divine than any other creatures that lived upon the earth. But as the Elder God’s presence in the world began to wane, more and more found themselves turning to the Old God’s children, and the era of the of the Earthgods began.

The Earthgods have lived for hundreds of thousands of years, but even they do not possess absolute immortality. Many have been killed or forgotten, and some are the second or third in their line. Each exists as a manifestation of some aspect of the world, and each rules over his or her own realm. It is said that the natural form of the gods are those of their patron animals, who work in the world as their servants. They are also, according to legend, able to take on a humanoid form if need be to communicate and interact with the races of the world.

Worship of the Earthgods is widespread, especially among the Young Races, the gods’ chosen people. Temples to the gods can be found in cities and villages all across the continent, and many shrines lie deep in the hidden wildernesses of the world, kept by devoted priests and clergy.

The Realm of Sky

  • Orn: The Eagle; God of the Sky, Lord of Celestrael and keeper of the Sky River. Many claim that Orn considers himself king of the gods and all creation. Though most likely exaggerated, at times it would seem to be true. The Eagle is a stubborn and prideful deity with many fearing his wrath. He and his followers often speak of a divine, natural order and hierarchy, and many of his priests and followers to their best to keep that hierarchy intact. Elves, monarchs, nobles and any people of privelege of all races are likely to worship him.
  • Auros: The Falcon; Goddess of the Day, keeper of the sun.
  • Nalnat: The Nighthawk; God of the Night, keeper of the moon and lover to Auros.

The Realm of Earth

  • Erda: The Bear; Goddess of the Earth.
  • Talmasi: The Spider; God of the World’s Secrets, son to Erda.
  • Frehngral: The Goat; Goddess of Mountains.
  • Merriman: The Snail; God of soil, agriculture and wealth.
  • Malmyr: The Wolf; God of the Wilderness.

The Realm of Sea

  • Panthalassa: The Nautilus; Goddess of the Sea.
  • Altriata: The Lobster; Goddess of the Shallows.
  • Tornquist: The Squid; God of the Wild Depths.
  • Lethias: The Whale; God of Calm Waters.

The Realm Below

  • Hathos: The Scorpion; God of the dead, keeper of the underworld and brother of Talmasi.
  • Szalkhr: The Bat; God of Dungeons and Caverns.


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The Earthgods

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