The Eleven Kulthas are a collection of ancient writings of undetermined origin that recount the creation and order of the world as well as the lives of the gods. It is from these books that we have any understanding of our world at all, or of our place within it. The Eleven Kulthas were given to Aul upon his arrival to the western continent by a strange being remembered only as The Keeper. The name Kulthas roughly translates from archaic draconian to mean “that which is,” or “songs that are.” Various scholars have since added to the pages of the Divine Kulthas, transcribing legends and biographies of the first generations of Aul’s children. It is in the the Kulthas that the ancient elves wrote down the stories and arcane secrets they had learned from the dragons, so as they would not be lost.

Originally a collection of eleven books, the Divine Kulthas are now a volume of nearly forty. The sages and high priest only consider the first eleven to be true divine word, however. The original copies currently reside in a remote mountain cave known as the First Temple.

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