Races and Cultures


Four thousand years ago the founders of the Young Races first walked the earth, exploring the continent and forging their own ways and empires. The ancient traditions and personal traits that began with these six siblings are still echoed among the current members of the races, who revere their ancestors almost as they do the gods.

Legend states that the Young Races were chosen by the gods. The races’ founders, the children of the last surviving inhabitants of a lost eastern continent known to history as Maldria, were meant by the Earthgods as an answer to the decadent and chaotic creatures the Old Races had become. These new chosen peoples were destined to destroy that which was wicked and old, and start a new kingdom of prosperity and balance throughout the world.

All did not go as planned, however, as Aul and Thea defied the gods by saving one of their children who was demanded as sacrifice. The destinies of the races seem even more in doubt now, as the children of Aul fight among one another for the first time in their existence, an act decried by ancient writings as being the first step towards inescapable doom.

The Young Races each have their own distinct personalities and customs, and though they have influenced one another and often work together, their ways and outlooks on life are often quite different. During the races’ early days, Orn, the sky god, sent out messengers to each of the races founders. These messengers of the gods, manifested as birds, the sky gods’ servants, have forever been associated with the different races. Each race received its own species of bird as guardian and intermediary between themselves and the gods. Most large cities and temples have their own aviaries, and keeping the birds is often considered holy work.


These races have lived on the earth for tens of thousands of years, their histories and cultures traceable back nearly to the beginning. They were once the conquerers of the world, whose vast empires stretched across shimmering opens and vast mountain ranges. They live today in scattered communities, living through their people’s lonely twilight years in the shadow of what they once were, often contemptuous of the new races and peoples who now rule the earth.


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Races and Cultures

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