Priests of the Hram approach their prophet.

A relatively recent and mysterious religious sect, the followers of Hram worship the divine power after whom they are named. Hram, their god, is often depicted through a series of golden animals, ranging from snake to hare to lamb. Statues of these animals often line the interior of temples to Hram, and the god’s priests will speak of each statue as representing one of the god’s forms and aspects.

Fitting into none of the currently existing divine hierarchies, Hram is said to be ever-present, watching his followers with the utmost interest, and always subtly altering the world with his divine hands. Subtleness is said to be the core of his nature, as are jealousy, righteousness and mercy. His followers claim that his domain transcends other religious doctrines of the separation of earth and the heavens, and that he can freely exist in, and alter, all universes and locations known. This is of course considered heresy by all other existing religious institutions, causing numerous other religious orders, with the Church of the Sacred Scar being the most aggressive, to begin persecuting and arresting any priests or open followers of the god.

The deity’s tenants and commands are given to his followers through his prophet, Elab. Elab has transcribed thousands of pages of text that tell of his god’s past, rites and desires. Above all, Elab has said, Hram desires peace with strength, life without desire, existence without wickedness, wrath without remorse, mercy without question and all glory given to Hram. He is a god of peace and fertility, his priests claim, but all things must be kept within their means; peace must only remain as long as war is unneeded, and fertility must be only as long as the soil can stand it.


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