The Continent is a vast landmass marked by countless mountains, home to vast ancient forests, and cut deep with the scars of time. It has seen wars many wars fought, many races rise to rule and fall into decline, and the eternal wrath of time and destruction. A little under four thousand years ago the Young Races landed on its western shores, finding landscape full of dangers, darkness and ruins built to ancient kings and gods. The peoples of the continent were in decline, their old kingdoms little more than dust and shadows of once great empires. The children of Aul spread throughout the landscape, exploring and eventually settling down into their various kingdoms and settlements, some of which exist and thrive to this day.

Lying in the southern hemisphere of the world, the Continent is often divided into five sections. To the west are the Free Kingdoms, to the north the Northern Reaches, to the East lie the Eastern Wildlands, at the continent’s heart are the Central Realms, and to the south is the Bottomlands, which extend beyond the southern pole of the world and on into the unknown.

  • The Eastautumn Sea: The vast ocean that stretches beyond the northern edges of the Free Kingdoms, and on up to the northeast past the equator.
  • Kalkrath: An ancient city of traders, philosophers in the Northern Reaches.
  • Galfolli: Kalkrath’s nearest neighbor.
  • Althros: A distant island kingdom, and one of Kalkrath’s greatest rivals.
  • The Earthscar: The great boundary that divides the Northern and Central Kingdoms.
  • Galithor: The great far-eastern Orc nation in the Eastern Wildlands, at war with Kaerolad.
  • The Free Kingdoms: Nations such as Vistifar and the Elven nation of Daerdalas. Currently aligned with the Orcs in war against Kaerolad.
  • Dwarfholme: The human name for the vast subterranean nation of the Dwarves.

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