In the Shadow of the Sea

To the Wizard's Tower

After dealing with the man to whom Phineas owed money, the party headed towards the Mage’s District in an attempt to find the arch wizard Perseclea, who had gone missing several days before.

Entering her tower, the party found the floor room full of bodies and several mechanical construct guards. In a battle against the tower’s guardians, the great barbarian Ragnar fell. After the battle, Kianna took the barbarian’s body, and Gallor, the great warrior, remained to search the room. Upon Kianna’s departure, a man named Vaelian, who had been tailing the group, joined Gallor, however he did not disclose his motives, other than to find and kill Quellin. They discovered a wizard, one of Perseclea’s apprentices, left for dead among the bodies and wreckage. Just then, Gallor got a mental message from Kianna. It said, “Trying to get barbarian to healer, but… oh no! T Rex! Must flee! Teeth so large! I am afraid I…” Just then the message was cut off. The party had no choice but to assume that the woman was dead.

Gallor, Vaelian and the injured wizard made their way up the wizard’s tower, finding themselves trapped after the first level. After several more battles against guards and traps, the party found another living survivor. This man, who worked as Perseclea’s gardener, told them that the wizard is probably trapped inside, and that the tower’s invaders set off the various security mechanisms, putting the tower in lockdown. He feared what had happened to his employer, and warned the party of her numerous traps.

Continuing upstairs, the party found themselves face to face with a dragon. They attacked the beast, and after a glorious battle, defeated the vile lizard. They waited to continue further, hoping to find the wizard, and discover why her tower was attacked, what the mysterious Quellin had to do with it.


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