In the Shadow of the Sea

The Story so Far...

The old warrior Gallor had fled north to Kalkrath, leaving behind his old troubles in the now war torn kingdom of Kaerolad. Upon his arrival, he found the city assaulted by a relentless storm, the likes of which had never been known. His first days in the island city found him a new travel companion, the barbarian Ragnar. They spent their time in the city meeting with various peoples and merchants before finding work. Their job was rather simple: find the missing daughter of a young merchant. Piracy was involved.

They tracked the girl’s location to a small, distant island controlled by the Black Blade Piracy Company, who wanted ransom from the girl’s father. Ragnar, who had recently worked as a sailor-for-hire on several ships, used his contacts to secure them a ride to the island, where they fought numerous Black Blade warriors. The barbarian Ragnar was nearly lost to the sea, as he had leaped from the island fortress’ wall into the ocean, in an attempt to halt the pirate leader’s escape. Returning the girl to her father, they were promised great rewards if they returned later in the day, but when they did, the father was gone.

Now squatters, the duo had a place to rest free of charge. Going out to find work again, they were hired by Admiral Silverspeare of the Dwarvish Navy, who was putting together a mission to discover the cause of the unrelenting storm. Travelling out to a mysterious ship adrift in the sea, the party boarded the small vessel and found naught but bodies with their throats torn open. During their search, they were attacked by a group of strange halflings, one of whom was carrying a mysterious, coded letter. In deciphering the message, Ragnar and Gallor hoped to uncover the cause of the darkness, or, at least, the cause of the slaughter of the ship’s crew.


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