In the Shadow of the Sea

A New Party Companion, and New Threats...

Finally the great warrior Gallor was able to decipher the mysterious coded letter. While his companion in arms, the mighty barbarian Ragnar had trained for battle, Gallor had worked tirelessly at the strange code, hoping that some logic may be found in it.

The mysterious letter, when deciphered, was addressed to a mysterious Reinfir, and was signed by a man named Quellin. The contents of the letter referred to an unnamed master, and a business deal between he and Quellin.

With these two new names, the duo of adventerurers headed out into the city, hoping to find more information. Their inquiries about this Quellin were met mostly with rumors of a dangerous man with great power. While talking to the bar tended of the Green Griffon Tavern about the letter, though were approached by a strange women who went by Kianna. This woman claimed to have known Quellin at one time, as both were members of some mysterious organization whose name and purpose she would not at first disclose. Kianna agreed to help the two if she could be the one who kills Quellin whenever they find him.

Following this mysterious woman, Gallor and Ragnar were led into the depths of the slums, and to what Kianna described as a safehouse back in a secluded alleyway. Ragnar, with his barbarian might, kicked down the door of the small shack, and the party found numerous shivering beggars huddled around the fire on the dirt floor. Kianna, showing a mysterious tattoo on her forearm, was immediately greeted by a man in a dark cloak whose arm bore the same symbol. It was revealed that this was the mark of the Thieves’ Guild, a group to whom Quellin once belonged. The hooded man told the party that Quellin had long left the guild, and was now worked alone, dealing with forces much darker than the guild ever did. He also informed them that Quellin was involved in something “big”.

The hooded man gave the party one last piece of information: a contact from whom they could get more information. The contact, they were told, was named Phineas, and could be found in the nastiest part of the Beggar’s District. The encounter with Phineas was not the smoothest of interactions, as the party found it hard to get any information out of him. What they did get was helpful, but they were promised that if they could sneak into the headquarters of the City Guard, and retrieve the guard’s files on Quellin, they would have all of the information they would need. Phineas also asked them to get the file on a man named Gorn, who he claimed to owe money. With the city records in hand, Phineas admitted that he would have enough to blackmail this Gorn character, and that if the party helped him, they would have gained a knowledgeable friend.

The party left for the City Guard’s main office. Once their, Kianna, always a smooth talker, was able to bluff her way into an audience with Galicia, the captain of the guard. With some careful prodding, Galicia divulged various pieces of information about Quellin, including his history with the Thieves’ Guild, and his string of arson and theft. Just the night before, the party was informed, the home of the High Priest Karathor was burned to the ground, with Karathor’s entire family found dead. Galicia felt this must be the work of Quellin, who was known to have considered the high priest one of his most powerful enemies.

With their newly gained information about Quellin, the party headed back to the Beggar’s District in hopes of finding this Gorn who Phineas owed money, and “relieving the debt.” Near a bridge, the group was confronted by a party of four strangers, who inquires about the party’s interest in Quellin. Obviously hostile, the strangers quickly attacked, and a mighty battle ensued in the streets. The strangers were powerful warriors, and Gallor nearly fell in the battle, but he quickly recovered and the attackers were soon slain. The party was left with a rather unsettling realization, and now had some idea that their lives might now be in quite serious danger…


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