In the Shadow of the Sea

Crime and Punishment

After defeating Quellin and his vampire and gnoll minions, the brave party now faced perhaps their most treacherous foe yet: bureaucracy. As the halfling Two-Fist instructed them to do, they made their way to the hearing with the Adventurer’s Guild, who had claimed that the brave warriors’ previous adventures and journeys were conducted illegally. The punishment for this transgression, they were told, was a hefty fine and mandatory enrollment in the guild.

They met with Two-Fist MacGregor in his office. The Halfling told them their situation, but the party refused to join the guild or go along with their rules and requirements. Vaelian seemed especially angry, disliking the guild’s heavy requirement for paperwork. He told his companions of how he longed to join a guild of people who hated things.

Not cooperating in the slightest, the brave adventuring group were told that they were to stand trial for their deeds the next day. The trial, Two-Fist said, would be held in the city’s central island of the Citadel, a place where no weapons were allowed.

The party left the guild headquarters, hoping to find some people who they could align themselves with against the bureaucracy and guild system, but there were few to be found. The only person they could find was a disgruntled philosopher named Mialtros. Somewhat of an anarchist and an ardent activist, Mialtros agreed to aid in their defense when they went to trial, but could not really offer any other help. Somewhat let down and a little despondent, the party resigned to their fate of being tried.

When they arrived for the trial at the Citadel, their weapons were confiscated and locked in a box. They were led in to the court room, where they found a council of jurors composed of representatives for various guilds. The Adventurer’s Guild headmaster, Brenne Feyspire also was there to overhear the testimony. The trial started with Two-Fist interrogating the party and accusing them of their crimes. Tonask the dwarf pled guilty immediately, but Vaelian and the halfling Finwick pled their innocence.

Finwick was especially vocal about his not being involved in the illegal adventuring, pointing out that he had not yet gone on any adventures. Be that as it may, Two-Fist told him during question, you still received illegally gotten money—money that is properly owed to my guild! In a moment of selflessness, Vaelian asked for all charges against the halfling to be applied to him instead. The court agreed, and in the end the verdict came in: guilty on all counts.

The punishment for their crimes was three months in the city dungeon and a fine of 5,000 cold crowns. Vaelian refused to pay the fine or do the jail time, and fled from the court room. Finwick followed suit despite having not been condemned to any time or other punishment. The philosopher Mialtros, who had gone with them to their trial, remained, quick to make himself a martyr for publicity. Tonask remained as well. Vaelian easily escaped the guards, but Finwick fond himself caught in their clutches. The human retrieved his sword and prepared to fight for his friend’s freedom, but luckily the halfling was able to break out of a guardsman’s grasp.

They fled by boat to the city, and quickly ran to their ally Phineas in the Beggar’s District. The tiefling guaranteed he would hide them until they could resolve the mess they had gotten themselves into. That night a strange man crept into the dark shack in which they hid, and introduced himself as Vlanzislaus. He told the duo of his being a member of the Adventurer’s Guild where he worked as an instructor for the guild’s apprentices. His apprentices had disappeared, Vlanzislaus told them, and he had gotten word that they were last seen boarding a boat venturing to the mostly unexplored island of Zvarghost. He told the party he hoped to help them, claiming that he did not wish to go to his superiors with his problem out of fear of punishment. The party agreed to venture to Zvarghost with him to find his missing children.

Two days passed before the group could venture forth, and after a day’s journey they finally spotted the island on the horizon, wreathed with storm. Landing on the isle’s eastern coast, they spotted smoke rising from the dense jungle five miles northwest. They ran towards the location and found a sanitarium torn apart by gnoll attack. The party slaughtered numerous gnolls before clearing the building out, and finding much to their dismay that no one knew of the missing children. They were directed southward to a naval base belonging to the Orc national of Galithor. The Orcs knew nothing either, and told the party that it may have been slavers who operate on the far western coast of the island. It was there, the heart of slaver territory past miles of dense jungled darkness, that the party hoped to find Vlanzislaus’ apprentices, and it was in that direction that they headed…

The Top of the Tower, Quellin and Guild Problems

As the party took a breath after defeating the foul dragon, the beast’s corpse began to shudder and emit strange muffled sounds. Terrified, the great adventurers swallowed their fear and drew their swords. Much to their surprise, a small and nasty looking Dwarf warrior slashed through the dragon’s hide, erupting from its belly. This dwarf was named Tonask, and offered to help the party in their journey to find the wizard. His reasons for being there were left rather vague.

Continuing upwards, this new ally in toe, the part fought through legions of undead, and outsmarted numerous traps, puzzles and illusions. Eventually they found a portal that led to Perseclea’s quarters at the top of the tower. They jumped through, falling from the ceiling of the wizard’s room, and landing surrounded by pale men dressed in dark clothing and robes. It took only seconds before the nature of the men was revealed: they were vampires.

Battle raged. The party fought gloriously against the undead fiends as the master of the tower, Perseclea lay chained in the corner unable to offer any assistance. The ever resourceful adventurer’s broke down the dark curtains that had been put up to cover the window’s of the room, flooding the chamber with sunlight. From there it took little effort to vanquish the dark creatures and free the wizard.

Perseclea told the party of Quellin’s history as the heir to a once proud, but corrupt, noble family, and his having stolen an important book of necromantic rituals from her possession before leaving for the cemetery island of the Necropolis. The party offered to go and stop Quellin from whatever he was planning to do, but the wizard cautioned against it, telling them it was better for the guard to handle it.

Upon leaving the wizard’s tower, the party ignored her suggestion and made their way to the Sailor’s District, where they borrowed a small rowboat from a sailor they knew named Patrick. With this boat, the party rowed off to the nearby island. Talking their way in with one of the guards, the party heard the distant sound of battle, and as they raced towards the sounds, they saw a group of guards locked in combat with Quellin, several gnolls, and a mysterious undead creature.

They ran into the fray just as the last guard died, and tore through the gnoll opposition. Vaelian threw himself at Quellin, and within mere moments his target was slain. From their the battle focused on the undead creature of immense power. Among the graves of the dead, and under the moonlight, the mighty Gallor was slain by the beast. The great warrior’s death seemed to give the remaining party members increased vigor, and soon the undead abomination was defeated.

As a strange blanket of calm fell over the party, Vaelian went through Quellin’s possession, and found the man’s journal. It spoke of vengeance for his fallen family, and the desire to raise his great ancestor, Ilgram Theros, back from the dead to lead the family once again to prosperity. It was concluded that this man must have been the undead creature the party fought.

The adventurer’s returned to the main island, and law Gallor’s body in the rowboat before kicking it off. The sun rose over the boat and the slain warrior’s remains as it gently floated towards the horizon. There had been a note found on his person telling to give his possessions to a man named Finwick if Gallor were ever to meet an untimely death. The party did as the note requested, and found the Finwick, who turned out to be a small halfling, passed out in a room in the Green Griffon Tavern.

Finwick claimed to have been drugged, but before they could investigate, the party was approached by another halfling who introduced himself as Two-Fist MacGregor. He gave the party paper’s claiming that they had been adventuring illegally, and their deeds had stepped on the territory and profits of the Guild for Mercenaries, Explorers, Pioneers and Heroes. Two-Fist told them that they were requested to come to a hearing later in the day at the guild headquarters. They were told they could join the guild and give over a portion of their profits, or they would face time in the dungeon. The party, angry at this turn of events, wondered about their options.

To the Wizard's Tower

After dealing with the man to whom Phineas owed money, the party headed towards the Mage’s District in an attempt to find the arch wizard Perseclea, who had gone missing several days before.

Entering her tower, the party found the floor room full of bodies and several mechanical construct guards. In a battle against the tower’s guardians, the great barbarian Ragnar fell. After the battle, Kianna took the barbarian’s body, and Gallor, the great warrior, remained to search the room. Upon Kianna’s departure, a man named Vaelian, who had been tailing the group, joined Gallor, however he did not disclose his motives, other than to find and kill Quellin. They discovered a wizard, one of Perseclea’s apprentices, left for dead among the bodies and wreckage. Just then, Gallor got a mental message from Kianna. It said, “Trying to get barbarian to healer, but… oh no! T Rex! Must flee! Teeth so large! I am afraid I…” Just then the message was cut off. The party had no choice but to assume that the woman was dead.

Gallor, Vaelian and the injured wizard made their way up the wizard’s tower, finding themselves trapped after the first level. After several more battles against guards and traps, the party found another living survivor. This man, who worked as Perseclea’s gardener, told them that the wizard is probably trapped inside, and that the tower’s invaders set off the various security mechanisms, putting the tower in lockdown. He feared what had happened to his employer, and warned the party of her numerous traps.

Continuing upstairs, the party found themselves face to face with a dragon. They attacked the beast, and after a glorious battle, defeated the vile lizard. They waited to continue further, hoping to find the wizard, and discover why her tower was attacked, what the mysterious Quellin had to do with it.

A New Party Companion, and New Threats...

Finally the great warrior Gallor was able to decipher the mysterious coded letter. While his companion in arms, the mighty barbarian Ragnar had trained for battle, Gallor had worked tirelessly at the strange code, hoping that some logic may be found in it.

The mysterious letter, when deciphered, was addressed to a mysterious Reinfir, and was signed by a man named Quellin. The contents of the letter referred to an unnamed master, and a business deal between he and Quellin.

With these two new names, the duo of adventerurers headed out into the city, hoping to find more information. Their inquiries about this Quellin were met mostly with rumors of a dangerous man with great power. While talking to the bar tended of the Green Griffon Tavern about the letter, though were approached by a strange women who went by Kianna. This woman claimed to have known Quellin at one time, as both were members of some mysterious organization whose name and purpose she would not at first disclose. Kianna agreed to help the two if she could be the one who kills Quellin whenever they find him.

Following this mysterious woman, Gallor and Ragnar were led into the depths of the slums, and to what Kianna described as a safehouse back in a secluded alleyway. Ragnar, with his barbarian might, kicked down the door of the small shack, and the party found numerous shivering beggars huddled around the fire on the dirt floor. Kianna, showing a mysterious tattoo on her forearm, was immediately greeted by a man in a dark cloak whose arm bore the same symbol. It was revealed that this was the mark of the Thieves’ Guild, a group to whom Quellin once belonged. The hooded man told the party that Quellin had long left the guild, and was now worked alone, dealing with forces much darker than the guild ever did. He also informed them that Quellin was involved in something “big”.

The hooded man gave the party one last piece of information: a contact from whom they could get more information. The contact, they were told, was named Phineas, and could be found in the nastiest part of the Beggar’s District. The encounter with Phineas was not the smoothest of interactions, as the party found it hard to get any information out of him. What they did get was helpful, but they were promised that if they could sneak into the headquarters of the City Guard, and retrieve the guard’s files on Quellin, they would have all of the information they would need. Phineas also asked them to get the file on a man named Gorn, who he claimed to owe money. With the city records in hand, Phineas admitted that he would have enough to blackmail this Gorn character, and that if the party helped him, they would have gained a knowledgeable friend.

The party left for the City Guard’s main office. Once their, Kianna, always a smooth talker, was able to bluff her way into an audience with Galicia, the captain of the guard. With some careful prodding, Galicia divulged various pieces of information about Quellin, including his history with the Thieves’ Guild, and his string of arson and theft. Just the night before, the party was informed, the home of the High Priest Karathor was burned to the ground, with Karathor’s entire family found dead. Galicia felt this must be the work of Quellin, who was known to have considered the high priest one of his most powerful enemies.

With their newly gained information about Quellin, the party headed back to the Beggar’s District in hopes of finding this Gorn who Phineas owed money, and “relieving the debt.” Near a bridge, the group was confronted by a party of four strangers, who inquires about the party’s interest in Quellin. Obviously hostile, the strangers quickly attacked, and a mighty battle ensued in the streets. The strangers were powerful warriors, and Gallor nearly fell in the battle, but he quickly recovered and the attackers were soon slain. The party was left with a rather unsettling realization, and now had some idea that their lives might now be in quite serious danger…

The Story so Far...

The old warrior Gallor had fled north to Kalkrath, leaving behind his old troubles in the now war torn kingdom of Kaerolad. Upon his arrival, he found the city assaulted by a relentless storm, the likes of which had never been known. His first days in the island city found him a new travel companion, the barbarian Ragnar. They spent their time in the city meeting with various peoples and merchants before finding work. Their job was rather simple: find the missing daughter of a young merchant. Piracy was involved.

They tracked the girl’s location to a small, distant island controlled by the Black Blade Piracy Company, who wanted ransom from the girl’s father. Ragnar, who had recently worked as a sailor-for-hire on several ships, used his contacts to secure them a ride to the island, where they fought numerous Black Blade warriors. The barbarian Ragnar was nearly lost to the sea, as he had leaped from the island fortress’ wall into the ocean, in an attempt to halt the pirate leader’s escape. Returning the girl to her father, they were promised great rewards if they returned later in the day, but when they did, the father was gone.

Now squatters, the duo had a place to rest free of charge. Going out to find work again, they were hired by Admiral Silverspeare of the Dwarvish Navy, who was putting together a mission to discover the cause of the unrelenting storm. Travelling out to a mysterious ship adrift in the sea, the party boarded the small vessel and found naught but bodies with their throats torn open. During their search, they were attacked by a group of strange halflings, one of whom was carrying a mysterious, coded letter. In deciphering the message, Ragnar and Gallor hoped to uncover the cause of the darkness, or, at least, the cause of the slaughter of the ship’s crew.

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